A Trailblazing, Survivor-Written Curriculum

Available in 2020 through a peer support group

Ending The Game (ETG) is a program for adults and juveniles who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. That includes, but is not limited to: sex trading for drugs or basic needs, prostitution, stripping, pornography, sugar baby/daddy, gang trafficking, pimp trafficking, and more.

Are you a survivor?
  • Have you ever traded sex for money/drugs/basic needs?
  • Have you ever had to turn over your money that you made to someone else?
  • Are you tired of The Game?

If so, you are invited to a safe, confidential support group offered by Free Our Girls.

ETG Invitation for Survivors

Getting out may seem impossible.  It is not. We can help.

Free Our Girls provides individual support services as you find your freedom, heal, and rebuild so you can freely work toward your own goals for a successful future. If you are unsure if this opportunity is for you, contact us to learn more about both Ending The Game and Free Our Girls, and take another step in your journey.

      For more information, contact our Survivor Services Coordinator.

Your Partnership is Needed for Referrals

Are you a healthcare, mental health, or human services professional? Free Our Girls is seeking to partner with mental health offices and hospitals in the area to lead in the identification and referral process to us. ETG is ideal for reducing recidivism by breaking bonds of attachment to traffickers and “The Game” lifestyle. If you observe someone who may have experienced commercial sexual exploitation or who has identified as having been trafficked, contact us for further assessment.

To refer a client, contact our Survivor Services Coordinator.  Thank you for partnering with us to empower survivors to acquire skills in Ending The Game. Together, we provide choice through options, empowerment, and hope!

More Details and shareable resources
Next cycle: April 14th, from 5:30 p.m.- 6:30 p.m., every Tuesday for 10 weeks, ending on June 16th.

ETG Invitation for Survivors

Ending The Game April-June 2020

Ending The Game Program Information

Who is at RISK of Trafficking?

Ending The Game Five Year Anniversary Video – What started as an intervention group for 11 trafficked youth 5 years ago has grown to reach thousands!

Contact our Ending The Game Coordinator for a specific, professional training on the risks and signs of trafficking.

Learn more about Ending The Game here.