As in all other areas, Free Our Girls seeks to stand in the direct service gap for survivors in most communities across the US. Free Our Girls' direct services are focused on economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, and breaking the cycle of poverty as a means to eliminate numerous vulnerabilities and risk factors for re-trafficking and re-exploitation.

Employment and Entrepreneurship Program Based in Greeley, CO, this program provides immediate employment for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking, while teaching entrepreneurship by involving program participants in all areas of program operations. Designed with the utmost flexibility, the program can meet each participant where they are, and works to address and process triggers common for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation when they re-enter the workforce at-large.

Survivor Art Collaborative Available for survivors across North America, artists can submit their work to be exhibited in Colorado galleries, art shows and events as well as to have a digital file added to our Society6 storefront. Customers can purchase prints and items with the artwork of their choice through Society6, with 100% of the proceeds going back to the survivor artists.

Survivor Book of the Month Beginning in 2018, Free Our Girls is featuring a survivor-author and their work on our Facebook page. Like our page and come back regularly for links to the authors' other works and live interviews with the authors.

Financial Literacy for Survivors First piloted in 2017 to 200 survivors across the US, this program will be available in late 2018 in multiple formats. Following completion of the Financial Literacy for Survivors program, survivors are eligible to be partnered with a trained financial advisor at an institution in their community for ongoing financial mentorship.

Want to Enroll in Our Direct Services? If you are a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation or sex trafficking and would like to learn more and get connected with our support programs, contact us at Our intake process is easy! We will schedule a time and location to meet that work best for you, and spend some time getting to know you and share more information about our programs and which might be a good fit for you. We look forward to hearing from you!